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Turkey makes major presence at Cityscape Qatar

DOHA: At the four-day Cityscape Qatar, where top-notch regional and international developers are showcasing their projects, Turkish players are out in full force at the event. Over half a dozen developers have showcased their iconic projects at the expo, inviting international investors to be part of Turkey’s economic and social growth.
Turkish companies have displayed a wide range of real estate opportunities including residential, office, commercial, hotel & leisure, retail, industrial and infrastructure. Turkey’s foreign investment bodies; project management companies, construction companies, property advisors, real estate solution providers, corporate end users and retailers are also making their active presence at the event.
Turkey is an attractive partner of choice for international investors. With a dynamic population combined with modern infrastructure make Turkey a perfect investment destination, says Can Turkan (pictured), Partner Arma Properties.
Arma, one of the world’s leading developers, have bespoke projects across Turkey, including Istanbul, Bodrum, Bursa, Trabzon, Alanya and Yalova.
With its strategic location, Turkey has access to multiple markets worth of a combined $23.7 trillion in GDP, 7.1 trillion trade and 1.6 billion people. The country is closer to the $18.6 trillion European economy and have easy access to the $1.3 trillion Russian economy and $312bn Central Asia & Caucasus, in addition to the proximity to $3.5 trillion Mena region, said Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) official. ISPAT is the official organization that promotes the investment environment of Turkey and provides assistance to investors, which reports directly to the Prime Ministry.
According to ISPAT, Turkey attracted $180bn of foreign direct investment (FDI) during the past 13 years, compared to $15bn in the preceding eight decades.

‘Invest4Land’, the Turkish agricultural investment expert company is offering an alternative investment option to international investors. The company, with over with over 30 years of experience in the field, is looking for partners to invest in Turkey’s Walnut Farmlands.

The investor will own a land with valuable walnut trees planted on them and high capital appreciation. Production based investment will secure a 24.7 percent net yearly income on average, it claims. “It is the most foreigner-friendly investment option with the foreign investor-own title deed”, said the company spokesperson. The trees will be insured and certificated from the government to minimize all the risks. No maintenance fees will be charged from the foreign investor during production.
The second day of the high-profile expo witnessed a huge line-up of speakers and influencers who explained on the vast investment potential in Turkey. Eliff Sukkar from Qatar Financial Markets Authority & Qatar Representative Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) kicked off the talks, highlighting the sustainable partnerships between Qatar and Turkey and how the property market is set to foster stronger relationships between the two countries.
Another Turkish company, the Anatolian Real Estate, which has office in Qatar, has showcased their bespoke project in Luxembourg. “Investing in a high-standing property in the Cloche d’Or, with close proximity to the city-centre, will benefit from advantageous taxation and different government subsidies, said Zeynel Kotener, Partner.
In Luxembourgh, by 2020, there will be need for just over 71,500 new homes. In order to keep up with the increasing number f household, a little over 3,000 homes need to be built per year, he said.

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